Student Testimonials

“Just a quick note.  I am so enjoying the class this time.  We are nearing the end of our classes, and that can be a little scary.  Reading and studying almost every day.  I know I can always reach out to you. I know the 2 week class is quicker and that works for some.  This Saturday class is just the right pace, and the information has a chance to be absorbed.

Just to let you know you are very much appreciated, and your dedication to the program is awesome.”


“I went through (the real estate salesperson course at Ocean School of Real Estate) last June & July (2020), and I passed my test the first time!”

Dave Lansing

“The Ocean School of Real Estate set the Bar!  I have always been meaning to pursue my New Jersey Real Estate License but never found the time.  The OSRE provided a flexible virtual schedule that allowed me to meet the hours necessary per the state and helped with the registration process.  I thought that I had the knowledge skills and abilities necessary to pass the course on my own but boy was I shocked.  The talented and knowledgeable professors at OSRE opened my eyes to much deeper content than I even knew existed.  They took the time and made extra effort to ensure each and every student understood the content and felt comfortable. 

The instructors are very informed, knowledgeable and know how to teach! They aren’t just reading you line for line out of a book (anyone can do that)  they are qualified and experts in the field with years of practical experience.  I really enjoyed the real world examples they provided to reinforce the concepts.    The content was well received by the entire class and the environment was great!  The positivity exuded by the professor made the time fly by!   I can without a doubt recommend this school to anyone regardless of learning style or comfort level.  They will provide you with the knowledge/tools to be successful Real Estate Agent!!”

Michael Hier from Monmouth County, NJ

“Patty is an outstanding teacher. With so many companies offering the realtor class, you should have no reservations going with them.”

Thomas Meyers

“Patricia is the best teacher!! Highly recommended!”

Yakov Keidar

“Great school with convenient hours! Took the Saturday classes as I worked a full time job… John Sesta is a very good teacher and extremely inspiring! With many successful years in the industry and his vast knowledge, John holds his students interest throughout the course and goes above and beyond preparing for the state exam!”

Matt K

“Very professionally run and well taught class. I just completed a 9 week evening class and passed my state test with ease. Mr. Sesta is a great instructor with tons of career experience that brings life and clear visions to his lectures on the subject matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Sesta’s classes.”

Dean Langella

“I was a student there and it was a great course, wish it could have lasted a little longer but it did help me pass my test and Joe was a good teacher. Good luck to all my classmates, Foster, Eliajah etc”

Anthony P. from Bayville, NJ

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